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“His skin
is a brutally beautiful
handwritten letter
from the sun.”

- Buddy Wakefield (via petrichour)

(Source: the-final-sentence)


Things like this.
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Buddy Wakefield has saved me in every way possible. I have expressed this to him multiple times but I never felt that was enough. I got his words stained on my skin about six months ago, along with another piece that goes along with the poem 'human the death dance.' I'm so glad that so many others have been touched by his words and that there is a page to display that.

free air


let it all go from the get go
let go, let god let it go
leave it alone, let it pass
let it be,c’est la vie, whats done is done 
hang up on it
land the plane, don’t get on that train
the bus has already left
this too shall pass

shake it off, cut your losses
bust loose, break free,
its water under the bridge
what comes around, goes around 
go around, get over it, get it together
get a grip, get moving, keep moving
move on, move forward, forward march
stop, drop it, squash it, release

spilled water cannot be poured back.
don’t look back. enough is enough. quit dwelling.
forget it, forgive it, right now, as is. 
nothing is against us.

our craving for annihilation will be laid to rest,
with the apocalyptic resentment and the compounding stress.
yes, said the answer.  
yes, said the breath.  
the consequences are immediate.
so when you breathe,
you might try freeing both lungs up.


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Buddy in Philly
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Yes, brothers and sisters, tonight I’ll be seeing this giant on whose shoulders I stand live for the first time!

Philadelphia FTW!

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My tattoo. Inspired by Buddy Wakefield’s “Horsehead”. Specifically the lines: “and he wouldn’t turn back, no matter how much slack was typed into his neck…”
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Fighting the power here in Austin. Poetry lives.
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